What we provide

Associated uses to Modelling

  • Associated uses to Modelling
  • design of supporting core
  • reading of models
  • scanning
  • digitization
  • design of cam files
  • 3d digital templates
  • full sizes templates
  • full size protoptypes
  • cgi
  • videos
  • printing of reduced scale mock-up

Design & Modelling

  • 2d synthesis of architectural concept
  • parametric 3d modelling 3d drafting
  • stone masonry design shop drawings
  • schedule sheets books of details


  • selection of appropriate stones
  • manufacture & carving of any stone works
  • project management

How we work

Phase 1 : Drawing

Review of proportion and details
2D synthesis ans global agreement of the stone design principle.

Phase 2 : Modeling of stone skin from supporting core

Design of the “stone skin”

Design of supporting core

Parametric 3D digital template

3D Parametric drafting

Phase 3 : Uses of the digital

heres savoir-faire technique
Shop drawings, Drafting, CGI with shades of stones

Phase 4 : Manufacture

Stone cutting

Carving on five axes machine

Hand finishing

Hand finishing